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Digital Signage redefined...
... right on your Mac.
Presenter Scheduler
has become
Presenter Creator.
An intuitive new interface
with integrated inspector
Built-in player for instant playback
Virtually ANY
media format
Reliable & solid playback
Publishing tools
put content out fast
Timed content publishing
offering more control Digital Signage for Mac.
Powerful. Scalable. Easy to use.

The next level of Digital Signage

Target your audience on the right spot at the right time in a retail environment, provide latest consumer ads in a shopping mall and supermarket, display schedules and branded advertising in a train station or airport, improve communication in a training facility, lobby, waiting-room area, store or kiosk environment, effectively enhance corporate and brand commumnication.

A new rendering engine
for even more
to get
content scheduling...
... turns YOUR IDEAS
into reality
Seamless transitions
helps you create a professional veneer
Built-in EFFECTS to edit
CONTENT  quickly
Optimized import for
a faster workflow
has changed the game ...
... all over again.